Organica Fruit Co-op


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Located on the hillsides of Bilogora, overlooking Papuk near Ilova river, we are a three family run co-op orchard.

We are careful stewards of our land and grow all of our fruit following strict Organic Growing Guidelines, while striving to minimize our carbon footprint and sustainably contribute to our community.

We use the most eco-sensitive, minimally-treated, natural methods possible to grow our fruit. For example, instead of extensive spraying, we use wood chips from pruned branches as mulch around the trunks of our trees in order to increase plant health, which in turn helps the trees ward off illness. Damaging pests are managed through the introduction of natural predators, mating disruption, and trapping, rather than pesticides – this ultimately keeps our trees, staff, and you safe.

The orchard is home to 2 hazelnut, 3 almond and 4 walnuts cultivars ranging in tastes, textures, and subtle flavors. We are dedicated to growing our nut crop sustainably using organic pest management techniques to achieve the highest quality of fruit. Our 2019 crop is Organic Certified.

Come walk our orchard rows; pick-your-own nuts each September. Take in the fall colours with family and friends. Our orchard market is open daily each fall, brimming with specialty foods, our gourmet caramel, and our scratch nut deserts. The orchard is our labour of love, please be part of it with us.

Great taste starts with great hazelnuts

The hazel tree originates from Asia. The Greeks and the Romans spread it through Europe, where it has been cultivated until today.

Organica Co-op is located in Bjelovarsko-bilogorska county, in the middle of the main hazelnut producing region in Croatia. Being one of the Organic producers in hazelnut orchards, …

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